Parquet board Tarkett Tango Classic Oak Light Brush 1200 (Oak Bright)

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Tarkett Tango Classic parquet board Oak Light Brush 1200 (Oak Bright) has the following characteristics:

Rustic - this sorting implies the presence of a large number of knots , significant color differences and the presence of sapwood.

Brushed - the result of processing the surface of the board with a hard metal brush. The brushing process removes soft wood fibers. The coating acquires a natural look and a relief surface.

Finish coating
Hard wax is a coating with high protection against moisture and mechanical damage. Visually emphasizes the naturalness of wood. Hard waxed floors can be restored locally.

Tarkett Tango Classic parquet board Oak Light Brush 1200 (Oak Bright) has a chamfer from 4 sides - a cut along the long and short sides. Such a chamfer visually expands the space and emphasizes the individuality and massiveness of all floor elements.

Slat width
Standard is the most common indicator for all manufacturers. Standard width parquet is suitable for any room size.

Wood hardness
Tarkett Tango Classic parquet Oak Bright Brush 1200 has a value of 3.7 HB.

The Brinell test is the official and accepted method for determining the hardness of wood. To calculate the indicator, a hardened steel ball with a diameter of up to 10 mm is pressed into a smooth (sometimes polished) wood surface for 10-15 seconds under a load of 3000 kgf. The resulting print is measured with a special device, and the HB value (Hardness Brinell - Brinell hardness) is calculated using a special formula.

Soft wood: 1.5 - 2.4 HB
Hard wood: 2.5 - 7 HB
Very hard wood: 7.1 Р 8 HB

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